Friday, February 12, 2010

Don't trust Glen Beck, he is bought and paid for controlled opposition.

I use to be a big fan of Glen Beck. I thought here is a guy, first on CNN/Headline News and then FOX News, as well as his massive mainstream radio show, telling it like it really is without most of the Politically Correct spin and party politics pandering that we are all so used to. He seemed to champion the growing awakening known to a significant percentage of the American people and felt by many many more who know that something is very wrong with the two political dinosaurs known as the Republicans and the Democrats. This awakening is what started so many different Liberty movements, such as all the separate & diverse Tea Party groups that started popping up all over the nation. So called liberals & conservatives both woke up to the false Left-Right Paradigm and left the 2 party system behind. They understood that the elites from the 2 party system and the mainstream media have scientifically designed this system to control us by keeping us, the masses so busy bickering over relatively petty differences between left and right that most of us didn't realize that both the 2 parties and mainstream media (MSM) all play for the same team in reality. They know this and it has been terrifying them since at least 2007 when they all started talking about the Great Banker Bailouts. And as the MSM and 2 party elites seemed to put aside their so-called differences just long enough to agree that $780 billion of the Americans money was needed to stop a collapse of the economy so bad it was depression level. But as a nation, we collectively did not take the bait and screamed out NO to our elected representative's via letters to the editor, emails, mail, and even better in person at townhall meetings and they heard us the first time and did not pass the bailout bill...until after the November elections. And this is where the charlatan Glen Beck comes in. As I was saying before, it seemed like he had his fingers on the pulse of this movement and would repeat what the people in the awakened Liberty movement were saying, that the 2 party system is corrupt and that the bankers were greedy risk takers that lost to many gambles and that they should suck it up. He had our ears and then some of our hearts and millions thought that this is our guy who speaks for us. And so many of us let him captain our Liberty ship because he repeats what he hears the people say on his shows until... his true masters tell him to turn the ship sideways at the last moment into the iceberg. He was against the bailouts before he was for the bailouts . He betrayed us because thats his job. He is an agent of disinformation and he is also what is called Controlled Opposition. Controlled Opposition is when the elites know there is a growing legitimate mass movement that threaten their agenda, so what they do is start a similar movement or group with their hand picked puppet leaders with charisma, who then parrots the original movements message until its time to a.) turn the movement in another direction like Beck and the Bailouts, or b.) do something so awful so it turns public opinion against it so as to discredit the entire movement entirely. He has also hi-jacked the small independent anti-2 party Tea Party movement into a single be-mouth known as Tea-Party Nation alla Sarah Palin, that will be absorbed into the Republican Party, thus defeating the very purpose of the original Tea Partys. Keep your eyes open for these type of dirty tricks. There all over the place.

--Rott (--Son)


  1. To view a clip of Glenn Beck changing course and calling for the Bailouts follow link, if link doesn't work copy and paste it.

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  3. Rottweilerson,

    Good piece! My friend has told me the same thing, but has not articulated it as well as you have. However, there are a few proofreading oversights which you might want to tweek. If you'd like to know what they are, I'd be happy to help.